Amazon.com operates the largest, most sophisticated system of warehoused products and distribution channels of any company in the world.  There are lots of moving parts – Amazon receives inventory from 3rd party sellers like you, processes it, strategically places it in its many different warehouses, stores it, picks it, packs it, sends it to customers, and manages returns – all along side millions of other products.  As efficient as Amazon is, mistakes are made, often costing you money in lost, damaged, or stranded inventory.  Refund X-Ray takes reports generated from your Seller Central account and identifies items for which you are likely due some kind of compensation from Amazon.  In compliance with Amazon policies, Refund X-Ray does not file refund requests on your behalf, it simply identifies for you, the items you should consider submitting to Amazon support for reimbursement.

Give it a try!  Refund X-Ray is free for the first 7 days and then $99 per year thereafter.